Era una vez el Al-Andalus - Hitoria y Territorio

17 JUN

Dates: 20 June 2019 Venue: l’Institut des Etudes Hispano-Lusophones. Université Mohamed V de Rabat - Maroc Information: Thematic reenactment day and Conference about the Al-Andalus - History and Territory - organized by Passado Vivo, Historicalia and Tarikhia, in partnership with Portuguese, Spanish and Moroccan entities, including the Institute of Hispano-Lusophone Studies. The purpose is to present the his contribution to universal scientific development and to revive the twelfth-century Iberic-Moroccan period through its historical aspects, cultural (arts, sciences, gastronomy ...) and human, without forgetting the projection of this heritage in the Arabian and muslin world and, also, Latin America from the 16th century. Website: